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The Toscano family business began as one of Melbourne's first post war Fruit & Vegetable retailers. With a good supply of fresh produce from the Queen Victoria Market and then later purchasing from the Wholesale Market at West Melbourne. By the late 1960s Toscanos had a thriving retail business and home delivery service.


In the early 1970s, the Toscano family re-established their business in the small country town of Healesville and aquired a nearby farming enterprise growing Vegetables and an Orchard comprising of Apples, Figs, Chestnuts, Walnuts and a variety of Citrus & Stone Fruit.

Toscanos home grown Potatoes were famous throughout the town for their flavour and freshness being picked, packed and sold the same day. They also supplied the Department of Defence at the Healesville Army Camp and local hospitality industry with it's many guest houses.Toscanos also pioneered a daily delivery service to thriving Marysville.